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We take pride in our area rug cleaning services. Following that time your rug finishes the meticulous cleaning process at our modern cleaning facilities, you’re rug will look better than new. It will be resplendent, softer and smell fresher. Our cleaning process may help revitalize older rugs, or extend the life and value of a new rug. Our professionals utilize many steps to clean rugs depending on your particular kind of rug.
Every single rug is hand-inspected by one of our educated carpet cleaning professionals in order to figure out specifically how your carpet should be treated. We examine for any kind of damage that is a result of water, fire, animals, moths, or different factors. We look to see if the colors of your rug have dimmed and clean them accordingly.

First, we do a prewash

Your rug is put in a unique machine and tumbled to displace the dirt then vacuumed. If you do not get rid of the dust and dirt, your rug could deteriorate.

Following that we do our first stage of rug cleaning

We put the rug in a pool of water to help remove the dirt, soil, and spotting through water saturation. We also look at the reverse and the fringes to make certain that a thorough cleaning is done.

Stage Two

Traditional cleaning companies regularly leave a residue of soap in the rug, and this in turn traps dust and dirt so the rug gets dirty again quickly. Through our unique cleaning solutions and rinses, you can be sure that your carpet will be rinsed clean, leaving behind no soap film or dirt.

Drying And Grooming

To benefit with the drying process and make sure your rug does not look mottled and lumpy, we comb and dry the carpet in line with the direction of the knap of the carpet fibers. We additionally comb out your delicate tassels and fringes. Air maintained rooms are used to dry your rug. The drying of every single rug should be worked on differently based on how much humidity and airflow it needs.

Following that, we inject fragrance to the rug

We inject fragrance to the rugs because it will sanitize them and make a room smell wonderful. Customers get an option of fragrance: Baby Power, Cherry, Lemon or Peach. The scent is applied to the pile of the rug to further fluff it up as well as keep it smelling lovely.

Postwash Area Rug Inspection

We are certain to deal with your rug once it has fully dried. If not then we do a second wash and put it through the whole process again until we get the nicest results that we can.

Not only that, we could help with your rug repair and rug restoration requirements, no matter what kind of rug. The people on our repair team can fix edges, holes, tears and fringes. Our rug cleaning and repair services may help your area rug once again transform into a thing of beauty every visitor to your home will admire.

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