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If it's the hour to make that favorite leather chair cleaned, we can supply a full service leather cleaning at your home or office.

In most cases, stains on leather surfaces will dissolve in time, or will be repelled if they are blotted right away.

At the same time, leather can receive oils. Not only that, on top of the oil, both acids and perspiration produced by human's bodies can create some real damage once it's entrenched in leather.

If you want to keep leather looking wonderful for long periods of time, cleaning it is a requirement. Akin to our skin, leather needs to be cleaned and moisturized to keep it supple and crack-free, something people can occasionally overlook.

We'll even go one step further when we fix your leather by applying a special protective layer that locks moisture into the leather and prevents any permanent staining.

Some tricks for maintaining your leather:

-Set leather furniture far from fireplaces or radiators to forego excessive drying out of the leather. Bear in mind, all materials, even leather, shall lose some of their color over time.

The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents Available

Every case is considered on a case to case basis, which ensures the best possible care for your individual needs. The cleaning fluids we utilize in every one of our solutions are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Working in leather furniture is an option you place some time and thought into. As soon as it comes time for that leather upholstery to be cleaned, it deserves the same sort of attention.
We offer the best possible Leather Cleaning Service you can find. Our service shall supply you with a safe, and professional job by applying a leather cleanser is that removes all surface soiling from any type of leather. Our goal is take back your valuable furniture to a new-looking condition, so we work by hand with this process and it does take quite a bit of time.

After the cleaning is complete, we go one step beyond by treating your leather with a refinishing cream and protective coating to improve its appearance and protect it can make your furniture look brand new.

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