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Cleaning Treatments for Allergies

Virtually one fourth of the United States population is or has been affected by allergies. Studies also show that the number of people suffering from allergies has been going up every year by as much as five percent, and over fifty percent of these new allergy sufferers are kids

What are Allergies?

Allergies, or allergic reactions, are in answer to a number of items in our atmosphere which are called allergen. There is practically no limit on what can be an allergen for any given individual. Quite a few of the items which spur allergic reactions, like the things we eat, contain special proteins which can trigger allergic reactions. Proteins hold hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, all key parts of living bodies on this planet. It is these proteins which can cause allergic reactions.

A large number of frequent allergens can be removed through expert carpet cleaning and allergy cleaning NY including:

- Tree pollen and grass pollen
- Dust mites and the waste they give off.
- Mold
- Pet fur and pet dander

It is not uncommon for folks to believe that the carpet itself is the guilty party, though it is possible that the carpet padding along with the moisture it contains is the true issue. A damp carpet can be a breeding ground for allergens. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic carpet pads that help soak up the moisture but don't let mold and mildew and other allergens to thrive in your carpets. There are many things to think about before buying hypoallergenic carpet underlay and having it installed.

The vital thing to learn is that the word hypoallergenic does not mean your house will be 100% allergen free.

Hypoallergenic refers to the fact that it has often been found to trigger fewer allergic reactions in the general public. Some allergy sufferers are more sensitive than others, but on the whole, a hypoallergenic carpet pad should reduce allergy symptoms for the majority of people. While such variances are what make us unique, it makes allergy treatment and management hard, as it can be a mystery as to which type of allergen is acceptable, or at what levels, before a negative reaction will begin.

Regardless, in today's carpeting market, hypoallergenic carpet padding is usually moisture resistant which creates it anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. Peruse the list of items the padding is resistant to and compare brands in terms of hypoallergenic qualities not to mention price. As for allergy cleaning in New York, we provide services that will clean and refresh your carpet and rid your home of irritating allergens.

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